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  • Welcome to The Ultimate Food Geek

    Welcome to The Ultimate Food Geek

    I’m Ben Starr, and whether you discovered me by watching YouTube, MasterChef, HGTV, or The Rachael Ray Show, or if you’ve been a follower of my previous website,, across much of its 20 year existence, you are very welcome here. This site is currently focused on Simple Sourdough recipes, as that’s what’s hot on…

  • The World’s Best (and easiest) Ice Cream Recipe

    This is a 2-quart vanilla ice cream base recipe that can be modified in infinite ways to customize your desired flavors. No eggs. No cooking. (And thus, no cooling.) This produces a creamy, rich ice cream that stays scoopable even after days in the freezer. Scale this recipe up to fit your ice cream maker….

  • Sourdough Shortcake

    How to use sourdough starter to make authentic shortcake even more amazing, in this laughably simple cake. Printable recipe at the bottom! Toys in this video: Kitchen scale (Restaurant grade, takes AA batteries or plugs in) Gravy whisk (Fastest way to incorporate starter into liquid ingredients) (I’m an Amazon associate. If you buy from one…

  • Whole Roasted Garlic Cloves (garlic confit)

    ***NOTE*** This method puts garlic (a known vector for botulism) into an anaerobic cooking environment…which gives it the potential to produce botulinin toxin, if the bacteria C. botulinum is present on the cloves. Followed correctly, this method largely minimizes the risk, and botulism is EXTREMELY rare. Still, it can be deadly, so for those wanting…